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Put the wag in your puppy’s tail. Regal Everyday Vitality for Puppies, with delicious beef flavouring, has been specially formulated with herbal and nutritional ingredients known to assist with healthy growth, digestion, vitality and skin and coat care. It will also assist with guarding against the onset of illness and disease.

Everyday Vitality Liquid for Puppies has been specially formulated with Spirulina and Ashwagandha, herbs known to assist with coat and skin health, and digestion, to give your puppy the best start in healthy growth development. Learn more about the active herbs in our Glossary of Herbs

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Dosage and directions for use: Weigh your dog and administer daily using the dosage guidelines below. Place the liquid directly in the dog’s mouth, serve it in a bowl, or add to your dog’s favourite food or a snack, such as pellets, milk or yoghurt.

Small dogs (1 – 4.5kg) give 2.5ml per day
Small-medium dogs (5kg – 10kg) give 5ml twice a day
Medium dogs (11kg – 20kg) give 7.5ml twice a day
Large dogs (20kg and more) give 10ml twice a day

Each 5ml contains:

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Other ingredients: Sorbitol, Water, Alcohol, Citric Acid, flavouring and colourant


Sodium Metabisulphate 0.300%m/v
Potassium sorbate 0.050%m/v
Alcohol content 0.45%v/v


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