Cat Testimonials

  • Garfield and Regal Cat Health Tonic

    Garfield's Success Story with Regal Cat Health Tonic

    By Carli Argirova

    "I actually know your cat tonic – I used it on Garfield, a cat we rescued which was abandoned in Pretoria CBD. He was in terrible condition and had such a huge abscess in his mouth that it was placing so much pressure on his eye that it almost burst. Once he was done with the surgery he came to me to foster (yeah right….as if that sweetie was ever leaving) and I went looking for something natural to boost him as I was scared he had some liver/kidney damage and didn’t want to use medication that might cause further issues – and then I found Regal! J I am sure it helped him loads, I couldn’t believe how fast his condition improved. I have attached a before & after pic hereto J. Can you believe it is the same cat? (We didn’t realise he had so much white until we bathed him like 3 times, he was covered in dirt and motor oil etc.)"

  • Chloe's amazing skin transformation using Regal Cat Health Tonic

    Chloe's Success Story with Regal Cat Health Tonic

    By Hilette Hatting via Facebook

    "Dear Regal.  I just wanted to let you know that I have had amazing results with the cat health tonic.  Long story short, I have been struggling for years with my Calico Chloe.  Every month Chloe's skin on her chin starts, then the ears then eyes etc.  She has been on cortisone and hormones. We eliminated food allergies and flea allergies and even had to remove carpeting in house to get wooden floors for allergies. We also use a certain washing powder and all bedding needs to be washed once a week.  The list goes on and on.  I started Chloe on the powder just over two months ago and her skin condition is under control now.  Im still combining with hormones however she used to get the allergies right through the hormones. Now she has not had allergies for two months and she is happy and playing and even thr bald spot on her tail is growing back for the first time in 7 months.  Its really a good product and the first thing I have ever tried that worked and im really impressed! Please keep up the good work xxx"

  • Regal Cat Health Tonic gives Christine's fur baby better quality of life

    By Christine Janse van Rensburg via Facebook

    "I have a 18 year old who's kidneys are giving in. She had the scruffy fur, muscle waste and loss of appetite.  We were talking about putting her down because she was not healthy nor did she look very happy. When regal was released we tried it with nothing to lose. On the third day her appetite was back. A week later it felt like she had more mass and her coat looked better. Now about a month later she is happier. I know that the product won't cure her kidneys but what you have given her is more that what is stated on the bottle. Better quality of life. And for that I can't thank you enough. You guys are the best and keep up the good work."

  • Regal Cat Health Tonic helps Zoey calm down

    Zoey's Success Story with Regal Cat Health Tonic

    By Shehaam Fernandez

    "As you know we’ve been giving Zoey, our male cat, the Cat Health Tonic.  He's quite a temperamental boy. We have another male cat, Fudge, who Zoey fights with often. I think he is a bit territorial. Sometimes the fights get bad and we really have to step in. I’ve tried the Cat Health Tonic in his food and it calms him down. After having the tonic he actually finds a comfy spot and has a snooze. It calms him down a lot."

  • Feral cats benefit from using Regal Cat Health Tonic

    Feral Cats' Success Story with Regal Cat Health Tonic

    By Tania Meintjes

    "I recently moved to Pennington from central Durban. I'd been feeding 4 feral cats in town for years and we moved especially to home them. We had a cat at home already so now we have the 5. We have been trying to get them all settled and it has been quite a mission. Judy was nice enough to give me her sample of the cat tonic and I started giving it to all of them the next morning. I noticed a drastic change in all 5 of them after a few days. I couldn't believe it! Two of the feral boys are in one room, and they aren't the best of friends, the one constantly hides and was getting surprise attacks when he tried going to use the litter box. This all stopped after about 4 days. And by the end of the week (right when I ran out of the sample ofcourse) Gremlin, the one that always hid, actually came out from under the bed! Shadow his room mate didn't even bat an eyelash. It was so nice to see. Unfortunately with the new area and because there's 5 of them, they are in the room together most of the time. The drama has started up again now and I am dying to know how I can get my hands on more of the cat tonic? When will it be coming onto the shelves? Please keep up the good work with the products! I look forward to hearing from you soon."

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