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    The lovely couple who adopted Stuart and gave him a forever home and a friend!

    At this point, most of you are already familiar with the inspiring journey of Stuart, the little Jack Russell with the big heart. If not, read about it here .

    After filming the Regal TV ad in Cape Town, Stuart made his journey back to Wet Nose along with Veronica and her family. He had been at the rescue centre for over 2 years.

    Once they got back home to Johannesburg, Veronica called us to give us the good news that Stuart had been adopted by a loving family!

    It's such a cute story, Stuart, who had been living with Veronica and her family, would go to work with Veronica every day. Shortly after returning to work after their trip to Cape Town, a lovely couple visited Wet Nose, hoping to find a companion for their little Jack Russell cross, Bobby.

    As always, Stuart was in Veronica’s office during the couple’s visit. And as fate would have it, Bobby – who came along on the visit – immediately hit it off with Stuart! And off course, Stuart got along with the couple, too. From there on it was decided that he would go to his forever home and live with his new humans.

    We’re sure they were pleasantly surprised to find out that they had adopted a local celebrity, now that Stuart would be appearing on TV!

    So, it seems that life did a complete turnaround for this lucky rescue. And that little Stuart got the happy ending he so rightly deserves.

    Stuart and Bobby at the WODAC show

    (For more information on how to rehome your rescue read here.)


    On set On set


    By now many of you know that we have shot and launched our very first TV ad, featuring Stuart, the little Jack Russell with the big heart. Stuart was one of our very first testimonies of the efficacy of the Skin Care Remedy and we’d been keeping in touch with Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre for the time that he was there with them. We first ran his story in magazines such You, Huisgenoot, Sarie, Garden and Home, Fairlady, SA Pet Pages and more. After this, our info-line was inundated with calls about the little Jack Russell with the terrible skin condition. People wanted to know what he used to recover so well. They had dogs with similar symptoms and had tried everything possible without success, that wasn’t working and then they tried the Regal Skin Care Remedy and found that it worked!

    Our Skin Care Range had become so popular and had become Regal’s bestselling line. We were doing so well, that we had made enough to shoot a TV commercial and thought that there would be no better product to feature than our best-seller. Behind the scenes we thought about what angle we wanted the advert to take on and decided that featuring our favourite testimonial was the best way to go. We contacted Veronica at Wet Nose and asked her about Stuart, how was he doing, was he still happy, still healthy etc We were pleased to find that Stuart was doing very well ( so well in fact, that he had gained a few too many kilo’s living the good life! If Stuart was to be featured in our ad, he would need to shape up and we promptly put him on the Weight Loss Remedy.) Once he was ready, Veronica and her family, along with Stuart, made their journey down to Cape Town and filming began in a cosy little guest house near the beach. Continue reading



    “Stuart is a 3-year-old male Jack Russell. He was picked up next to the road with a terrible skin condition. It almost looked like burn wounds. We tried several remedies, without any definite effect. We put him onto Regal Skin Care Remedy and within a few weeks he looked like a new dog!” – Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre – Dec 2013

    Wet Nose first discovered the Regal range of products and particularly the Skin Care Remedy when Kim, the Regal Pet Health Brand Manager, introduced them to it on one of the first visits to the centre. Quoting the kennel manager, Veronica Van der Merwe, “We were a little bit sceptical but believe me when we started using it and saw the amazing effects we started using the range on all the new dogs that needed it and we also advised our clients to use the products.”

    You’re probably wondering who Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre is, and what they actually do. Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre is a Right to Life animal shelter that rescues, rehabilitates and then re-homes abused, abandoned and neglected animals. Right to Life means that no animal is put to sleep, unless it is in severe suffering and cannot be saved. Every animal is loved and cared for until a loving home is found for it, no matter how long it takes. The dogs are walked daily and taken to exercise runs, so that they have a good quality of life, and get exercise during their stay with us. The cats live in beautiful catteries where they are spoiled with love and toys, and anything their little heart’s desire. Read more on Wet Nose here. Continue reading

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