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  • Hero Mustang

    Hero Mustang

    By Belinda Momberg

    I got Mustang when I needed him the most. I went through a tough time with loss and heartache. Mustang needed a loving and caring family and home which I could provide for him. He brings me and my family lots of laughter and joy. I adopted Mustang and Mustang adopted me. I can’t imagine my life without him in it. He is my everything. Mustang has a very special place in my heart and left a paw print in my heart forever and always.

  • Hero Chelsea

    Hero Chelsea

    By Jessica Wallenkamp

    Chelsea was born on 15th December 2014 with pneumonia. She had been on a drip and was treated for this condition.

    We bought her in January 2016 and were told that she was over the pneumonia. Shortly after bringing her home (a few days later) she became very ill. We took her to the vet who said that she was just getting used to her new diet. She was on Science Plan. She received an injection and we took her home. By the next day she was still very ill and we took her to another vet who also said she had to get used to her food. She got another injection. She was eating but throwing up continually. On the visit to the third vet her ribs were showing and she had lost weight.

    The third vet also said it was her tummy getting used to the food. That night she had a runny tummy x9 so at 6am we rode through from the South Coast to Pietermaritzburg to see another vet. She was sick in the car the entire trip and we really thought that she was not going to make it but Chelsea is a fighter.

    The fourth vet took one look at her, drew some blood, took stool samples and said that she was still suffering from the disease she had at birth. He diagnosed her with puppy farm disease, which was strange because we bought her from a breeder. He gave her an injection and medicine and within a few hours there was improvement. She had gone down to 2½ kg at this time but in no time at all Chelsea was happy and healthy and now weighs 20kg! She still has the scar from the drip site but it does not bother her. She is our miracle baby who fought to stay alive.

  • Hero Lucy

    Hero Lucy's Story

    Lucy, then known as ‘Peppa Erica’, was originally bought as a pet from a breeder by a well to do Italian lady who lived in a luxury beachfront flat. This lady had a very busy social life and, as a result, Peppa was looked after by the domestic worker during the day and was left alone at night when the owners went out. Peppa suffered anxiety and barked constantly. For many months, the neighbours complained and eventually Peppa was rehomed to the couple’s daughter in a beautiful home in Bantry Bay. There Peppa was the pet of young grandchildren. Being a boisterous and over excitable puppy, the owners thought she was too rough with the young children and she was then rehomed to the original owner's other daughter, whose children were older. This arrangement did not work out. I do think this is where she was teased by children and her aggressiveness towards children originates from. Peppa was then sent back to her original home.

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  • Leopoldt and Dundee's story


    By Rozanne Diedericks

    "Ons Golden Retriever familie: Leopoldt (regs-pa), Dundee (middel-seun) en Bijou (ma-links). Leopold het ñ hotspot op sy linkeroor en been vir maande oopgekrap en is na sy 1ste 400ml bottel Skin remedy (en gratis pakkie skin remedy koekies) gesond, sy vel is nie meer uitgedroog nie en die hare is nou besig om terug te groei. Na 6 weke van Regal lyk hy soos ń nuwe hond. Al drie is ook nou op Glossy coat en hul pelse lyk al na die 1ste week van behandeling baie beter. Hul velle is ook nie meer uitgedroog nie en word pienker en sagter by die week. Dankie Regal!"

  • Benji's story using Regal Skin Care Remedy


    By Greg Anderson

    "Hi, after a few years of spending exhorbitant fees at the Vet on the health of my pet Bulldog regarding his skin condition consisting of rashes, hair loss,skin patches, i read of your Regal Skin Care product in the syrup form in the YOU magazine and decided to give it a try, well after a few weeks i must say that there has been a remarkable improvement in my dog's skin condition, his hair is growing back and for the price i paid compared to the Vet fees which consisted of antibiotics, expensive medication, injections etc.(not saying that they did not work) but been a pensioner and seeing the improvements i shall continue using this product when my dog gets this condition again (which with Bulldogs happens frequently) and thank you."

  • Gia's story using Regal Skin Healing Spray


    By Am Lauten

    "I came across the advert for regal pet products in the Westville Vet Hospital newsletter.  At the time my borboel Gia was breaking out in lumps.  The lumps would scab and she would lose fur on those spots. I bought the regal healing spray and emailed you guys for advice and a time frame in which I would see a diffrence. I was informed that I should give it about 3weeks. Well to my surprise and joy I noticed a significant difference in a week and a half and Gia's been fine since. Now the healing spray is the first on my list for any basic first aid remedy. I was so pleased with the product that I've now purchased the joint remedy with the hope of similar results for her hip dysplasia. Please find attached a photo of Gia."

  • Zorro's story of recovery using Regal Skin Care Remedy


    By Serita Robertson

    "Good day to you

    See attached, photos of my English Bull Terrier from when I started him on Regal Skin Remedy (2nd of Oct until yesterday, 10 Nov) and how it has improved his skin problem.

    One bottle - and just over a month’s use - later.  (He has just started his 2nd bottle yesterday.)

    My boy (as too many Bullies do) was suffering from sores (cysts) between the toes which got sorted with Cortisone pills, but then this ‘’thing’’ appeared on his chest area.

    I have tried everything, (to make a long story short), then I put him on the Skin Remedy, kept to a strict regime of 10ml on food in the morning and 10ml again on his food in the evening.

    As you can see, his skin has improved radically and I am very happy about that!

    Thank you for a great product. I have over 300 facebook Bull Terrier friends all over the world - or should I say my dog does ;) and he has many admirers J so I have showed them how well Regal has worked for him.

    I will be keeping my Bullie on Regal Skin Remedy, so many thanks again from me and my boy Zorro J!"

  • Garfield and Regal Cat Health Tonic

    Garfield's Success Story with Regal Cat Health Tonic

    By Carli Argirova

    "I actually know your cat tonic – I used it on Garfield, a cat we rescued which was abandoned in Pretoria CBD. He was in terrible condition and had such a huge abscess in his mouth that it was placing so much pressure on his eye that it almost burst. Once he was done with the surgery he came to me to foster (yeah right….as if that sweetie was ever leaving) and I went looking for something natural to boost him as I was scared he had some liver/kidney damage and didn’t want to use medication that might cause further issues – and then I found Regal! J I am sure it helped him loads, I couldn’t believe how fast his condition improved. I have attached a before & after pic hereto J. Can you believe it is the same cat? (We didn’t realise he had so much white until we bathed him like 3 times, he was covered in dirt and motor oil etc.)"

  • Snowy's story of recovery using Regal Joint Health Remedy


    By Tania Deal

    "Hi, just a quick note - I noticed my 15 yr. old miniature Whippet/Jack Russell cross struggling in the mornings with sore legs...  Tuesday morning was the worst ever.  I went to buy your joint health oil and started to treat her - she is (within 2 days) a new doggy!  Yes – noted, the one leg is still a bit stiff - but I can notice a huge difference.  She is happy and her tail is wagging!

    Thank you very much."

  • Maddox's story using Regal Stress and Anxiety Remedy


    By Madelein Barnard

    "Maddox has been at Wetnose for a long time as well but the problem with Maddox is that he is confident aggressive.  Meaning he WILL attack if you enter his cage or pass close by. He will even leap forward to bite and is declared very dangerous. Even so, his kennel was in another section where no visitors are allowed. This type of behaviour is unpleasant and NOT tolerated. So they gave Maddox until end of Feb to calm down or at least not to attack. At best, they just wanted to take him for a walk to get rid of anger and get some exercise. If not, he will he put to sleep end of Feb. He had a terrible past and his current behaviour isn't fair to him or anyone trying to help him.

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