The Cape of Good Hope SPCA - Preventing Cruelty and Promoting the Welfare of All Animals


There is so much more to The Cape of Good Hope SPCA than just a place you take animals found lost on the street to.

Did you know it is 145 years old? Over these 145 years, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA has diligently carried out their mission to prevent cruelty to animals through education, law enforcement, veterinary care services (operating an Animal Hospital, Inspectorate and Mobile Clinics) and running a Kennel, Cattery, Horse Care Unit, Wildlife Facility, Farmyard and Adoption Centre, which every year places hundreds of animals in loving and caring homes.

Last year alone, they sterilised over 4,500 animals, reducing the region’s animal over-population problem, provided primary veterinary care to thousands of animals, re-homed over 800 animals and responded to thousands of reports of animal cruelty.

And that is just the beginning. Here is a glimpse of what this amazing organisation gets up to on a daily basis:


The SPCA Inspectorate team rescues abused animals and instigates legal action against perpetrators of animal cruelty. The Cape of Good Hope SPCA is the only animal welfare organisation in the Western Cape which offers a 24/7 Inspectorate service through a fully computerised call centre, which responds to approximately 70 animal cruelty/distress alerts daily.

spca - inspectorate

Animal Care Centre

The SPCA Animal Care Centre cares for stray, abandoned, rescued, impounded and seized cats and dogs. The aim is to find suitable and loving homes for these animals and to reunite stray animals through our lost and found service.

Animal Hospital

The SPCA Animal Hospital treats sick and injured animals brought in either by the Inspectorate or the animal’s owners. The hospital has three permanent in-house vets and a team of nurses and orderlies. Veterinary treatment is fully or partially subsidised to make care affordable to the needy.

Mobile Clinics

The SPCA Mobile Clinics operate in the informal settlements around Cape Town, providing primary veterinary care for animals and educating owners about responsible pet care. The Clinic consists of four vehicles fitted out with basic veterinary equipment and drugs and is manned by qualified personnel.

spca - mobile clinic

Wildlife Unit

The SPCA Wildlife Unit rescues, rehabilitates and releases errant and injured wildlife. As well as campaigning to educate against such human/wildlife conflict, the Unit also works with the relevant authorities to bring an end to the illegal keeping, import and sale of exotic animals as pets.

The Farmyard

The SPCA Farm Animal Unit is responsible for the care and rehabilitation of stray, owned and confiscated farm animals brought in by the Inspectors. The unit firmly believes that education is a vital tool in uplifting the plight of farm animals, especially in the hands of small to emerging farmers who lack the basic infrastructure to adequately care for these animals.

The Horse Care Unit

The SPCA Horse Care Unit rescues maltreated equines which are brought back to the SPCA’s horse stables in Grassy Park, where they are cared for until a suitable, good home is found.


The SPCA Education Unit educates school children about responsible pet care, animal welfare principles and the goals and mission of the SPCA. SPCA Education Officers visit schools throughout the greater Cape Town area where a talk, a DVD presentation or a puppet show is given. The award-winning programme also offers a free sterilisation, deworming and de-fleaing service to pets of school children in disadvantaged communities.

spca - education

How you can help

We urge you to support the SPCA in whatever means you have available to you. If you are able to donate financially, that’s fantastic, but why not sponsor a kennel, volunteer your time, or donate unwanted goods that the team and the animals may have use for, that you no longer do.  Your support not only helps the SPCA to support all the animals in their care but it’s a unique way to leave your mark and show your passion for animal welfare. You can find out more ways to help here.


For more information on this incredible organisation visit their website or find them on Facebook at and Twitter.

If you would like to donate to the SPCA, their banking details are:

Standard Bank
Constantia Branch – 025309
Business Current Account No. 071832858
E-mail proof of payment and postal address to for the issue of a Section 18A tax receipt.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA

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