Why Regal?

Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet. ~ Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette

We couldn’t agree more! Pets offer us unconditional love, unwavering loyalty and devoted affection – how did we get so lucky? Pets add so much joy to our lives it goes without saying we want to ensure we provide them with the best life has to offer! And this approach is at the heart of what Regal Pet Health is all about.   A division of Herbex – a household South African brand since 1995 - Regal is a brand of herbal remedies that offer you, the pet owner, the opportunity to address the health needs of your pet naturally and from the comfort of your own home. We feel strongly about helping you make an informed decision about your pet’s health - as this is the key to ensuring they live a long and happy life! Do you often find yourself asking… When do I need to take my pet to the vet? What symptoms should I be looking out for? When can I use herbal remedies to address the needs of my pet at home? We will help to answer these questions and more so you can learn better what your options are and what is best suited to the needs of your furry bundle of joy.


So how did Herbex, renowned herbal slimming brand, start looking into herbal remedies for pets? Regal has an interesting beginning, which Herbex CEO Eddie Bisset will share with you… “For years now pet owners, especially dog owners, have been using our herbal formulations to improve their pet's health. It's been mainly our HERBEX SLIMMERS DROPS a powerful 33 herb formula developed for human consumption that has been used to great effect. The SLIMMERS DROPS product with its 9-fold action is designed to mainly reduce weight and detox the system. To our surprise we have been getting unsolicited reports from dog owners saying that SLIMMERS has a tremendous effect on their dogs in the key areas of weight, mobility, energy and general health. Along with this many pet owners have requested we design a safe, effective range of herbal remedies for their dogs. After studying the market at home and in the USA we have formulated and launched the Regal Pet Remedy range to assist pets to improve their health. We trust this range will help you to manage your pet’s health and give it a great quality of life.” Eddie Bisset With more than 16 years experience in the complimentary industry and together with holistic veterinarian Dr. Megan Kelly, we have witnessed a growing need for adopting a holistic approach to living not only for ourselves but for our furry companions too. In order to achieve this, we understand all too well that a natural solution needs to embody certain fundamentals: safety and efficacy, affordability, convenience and customer support you can trust and rely on. With this in mind, an incredible journey began bringing Regal Pet Health to life!


Herbs have a long documented history for promoting not only the health of humans but of four-legged friends as well. Did you know that in the wild, animals instinctively seek out healing herbs when they feel under the weather? Our domesticated pets carry the same instincts in the way they eat grass. Some studies suggest they do this when they feel unwell, to aid their digestive system or to fulfill a nutritional deficiency. Now your pets don’t need to rely on instincts alone. We have ensured that you have access to high quality herbal remedies from a well-trusted brand with products containing ingredients well known for their medicinal properties.


Using Regal as the trusted brand for your pet’s health means you benefit from:

  • Giving your pet a better quality of life
  • Time savings
  • Money savings
  • Herbal formulas that are gentle on the body
  • Herbs well-documented for their therapeutic effect
  • Competitive prices
  • Learning how to better understand the needs of your pet
  • Being able to make more informed decisions about your pet’s health

Together with Dr. Megan Kelly, we will be offering you a wealth of information that will help you become your own pet’s expert! Be sure to browse through our website, sign up to our weekly newsletter and check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for the inside track to your pet’s wellbeing. Should you wish to contact us - whether it’s a query, comment or simply to tell us about your furry friend (and please do we would love to hear from you!) - you can call our info line +27 83 505 1414, email

4 thoughts on “Why Regal?”

  • Cheri Schubach

    Please let me know if you have any cat products. My cat got run over and is now well but where the elastic bandage was wrapped around her she has some skin problems also I would like a good tonic for her, thank you

    • Kim

      Thank you for your query and interest in Regal Pet Health. We don’t currently have remedies suitable for cats but we have plans to introduce a cat-specific range of products so keep watching this space.

      I wish your cat a very speedy recovery!

  • Tanja Ewert

    My dog (Peke) occationally needs to have previcox for arthritis, do you perhaps have a product that I can on a daily basis to help him. His 10 years old.

    • Kim

      Hi Tanja, Sorry about your doggy's illness. Luckily we can recommend using the Regal Joint Health Remedy. It will help with reduce inflammation, relieve pain and increase mobililty. Read more about it here Hope this helps!

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