8 tips to keep your pets happy and safe over the festive season

  1. When decorating your home with tinsel, Christmas lights and other decorations, remember to place them out of your pet’s reach as chewing such items could cause serious injury to your animal.
  2. Most of us over-indulge over the holidays but even when combined with irresistible puppy dog eyes, this is no reason to offer pets human food. Obviously, small treats don’t create severe damage, but remember to offer any treat in moderation. You should ask your guests to do the same, as certain foods should be completely avoided, such as chocolate, which can be poisonous, and bones, which can splinter and cause damage to an animal’s digestive tract.
  3. If your pet has too much of a varied diet over the festive season from all the treats, he/she could experience an upset stomach.8 tips to keep your pets happy and safe over the festive season
  4. In the event of fireworks close to your home, please arrange for your pets to be in a safe, enclosed area with sufficient space for them to be comfortable, as well as enough drinking water. Don’t forget to check on them occasionally.
  5. Too many visitors can make pets anxious, so it is advisable to have a calm place of refuge for him, or her, to go to if feeling overwhelmed.
  6. The aroma of great South African braai meat wafting through the house is going to get your dog drooling as much as you. Ensure that your pet is kept away from the braai area to avoid accidental burns and accidents.
  7. Ensure that refuse bins or bin bags are stored out of your pet’s reach. Ingesting plastic or bones can cause serious injury or blockages in an animal’s digestive tract.
  8. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes, don’t leave your dog in your car. Even a few moments in the heat will turn your car into an oven. This can lead to dehydration, brain damage or even death, and even cracking the car window will not be enough to combat summer heat.

Happy Holidays!!


  1. Lauren Addis says:

    I agree on your point that chewing these decorative items can be harmful for pets so its important to keep these things away from pets. The tips you have provided sound helpful and I have listed them all for future help. Thank you so mush for this brilliant information.

    • Kim says:

      Hi Lauren, we’re so happy that you enjoyed the article! It’s good to know you will be cautious about the welfare of your pets this festive season 🙂 Thank you for your comment and have a good day!

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