8 Top Tips For Naming Your Puppy


Naming your puppy can be a fun process; here are some tips on how to get the most out of it.

  1. Make it a family project. If everyone is involved in choosing the name, it will go a long way to making puppy feel like part of the family. It will not only ensure you get a name everyone can bond with, but can pronounce too!
  2. Keep it short. One or two syllables are best. It is easier for everyone to remember and easier for puppy to learn. Try going for harder sounds rather than the softer ones like ‘sh’ or ‘ing’.
  3. It sounds like… To make training your pup easier later on, think about the commands you will teach him. ‘Jay’ could be confused with ‘stay’ and ‘Tate’ with ‘wait’. ‘Sit’, ‘down’ and ‘come’ are other common commands, but if you get stuck on a name now, you can always teach a command with a different word later.
  4. Get to know your personalities. A name can often tell you something about the dog as well as the person who gave the name. ‘Midnight’ for a yellow Labrador may be an extreme example, but personality disparities should be avoided too. Or it may just tell us something about the owner’s sense of humour.
  5. Don’t be embarrassed! Calling your Chihuahua ‘Ripper’ or ‘Ogre’ may seem amusing today, but not so much when you have to call to her from across the park.
  6. Do a trial run. Try your favourite name out for a day or two. If it doesn’t roll off the tongue easily or, as you get to know pup better, it doesn’t seem to suit, you can change it. Just don’t change it too often as this can lead to confusion – for others as well as your pup.
  7. Make an association. Try associating the name with something the family enjoys, a favourite flower, movie star, book character or even fashion label. If you can call your pup with a name that has good associations tied in for you, he’ll quickly respond to that positive affirmation.
  8. Ask the named. As strange as it may sound asking a dog what his name should be, in reality, who wants a dog who does not respond to his name? Try calling your puppy a couple of times with a few of your favourite names. This may help you make an easier decision based simply on whether pup responds or not.

Happy naming!

Click here for some fun name ideas to get you started….

Have you recently got a puppy and not figured out a name yet? After reading these tips what names are coming to mind?


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