Ash and Jasper


By Lily Erasmus

“My German Shepherd’s name is Ash – He is a retired Police Dog. He served as an Explosive detection dog for 6 years before being boarded due to severe bilateral hip displ. He was on a joint supplement for almost 2 years, which did not help anymore as he could hardly walk since April 2013 and I was convinced that I would have to have him euthanized for humane reasons.

I then discovered your product and shortly after I started using it, Ash had a total turnaround! From often dragging his hind legs, to running around and playing with my new German Shepherd puppy. It was amazing! He will be turning 10 years in April 2014 and is still doing very well on the product.

My Border Collie’s name is Jasper – About 2 weeks ago I stopped using the product and could see the difference within these two weeks, as he started scratching and biting himself again. I started using the product again two days ago.”



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