Border Collie with a skin condition & German Shepherd with severe bilateral hip displasia – Read their stories…

By Lily

“I would just like to commend you on an excellent product!!

I have a 2-year-old Border Collie with a skin condition…Since he was a puppy he was often on cortisone tablets and even on expensive food for skin allergies! none of this cured the problem and he was permanently scratching and had no hare around his mouth, Eyes and even under his paws were raw sores from biting. I then discovered your product , skin care remedy! It wasn’t a month later and my dog was healed from the skin condition!! It is now six months later and he has the most beautiful,shiny and soft coat!

In April I started using the joint health remedy for my German Shepherd with severe bilateral hip displasia! He was really suffering and sometimes dragged his hind legs. It was also soon after I started with this treatment that he was a “new” dog! Ever since I started using this product he never even limped again!

I would just like to thank you for an amazing product! It really made a huge difference in my pets’ lives!”

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