Joint Health Remedy – Chop’s Story


By Erika

“Meet Chops our almost 13 years (turning 13 on 5 Dec 2012) Labrador. Those of us who know the Choppies know him to be forever puppy. However the winter of 2012 took his toll on Chops and his joints. We have tried a whole bunch of products to make Choppie more mobile. Nothing show a real improvement, so much so that we thought it best to put our Choppie to sleep as he was very uncomfortable. But we found Regal Joint Health Remedy! Choppie is on Regal now for more than 6 weeks, he is more mobile, more alive and if we give him half a chance he wants to play with his Rogz RFO! Chops is taking the Joint Remedy, 3 times a day, morning and evening over his food and lunch time with his tea!”

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