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Dr. Megan Kelly: 8 Key Ways to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Does your pooch need to lose a few kilos? Following these 8 KEY TIPS by Dr. Megan Kelly to encourage your dog to lose weight the healthy way.

  1. Exercise little and often: two short walks a day is better than one long one. It helps speed up the metabolism and is kinder on your pet’s joints.
  2. Encourage non weight bearing exercises e.g. swimming. Overweight pets put a lot of stress on their limbs and joints.
  3. Activities such as swimming decrease the stress and wear and tear on the joints.
  4. Feed healthy treats: pieces of carrots, cucumber, apple, wheat free treats.
  5. Consider a diet specifically tailored for weight loss. Speak to your local veterinary practice for advice.
  6. Weight loss should be a slow process. Rapid weight loss puts strain on the body especially the liver.
  7. Remember that a 10kg dog that loses 1 kg has lost 1 percent of its body weight. That is the same as a 70kg man losing 7 kgs.
  8. For lazy pets – try putting the feed bowl at the top of the step so they have to walk up the steps to get their food.
  9. Encourage activity and play. The more weight they lose they more energy they will have.

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