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Dr. Megan Kelly’s 5 Steps for a Stress-Free and Happy Pet

Is your dog prone to feeling stressed and anxious? It’s important to try and establish what the cause of their fretfulness is in order to take the necessary steps to help them feel safer and more relaxed.

With this in mind, Dr. Megan Kelly has outlined the following 5 steps to encourage a more stress-free and happier pet. As they say, a happy pet makes for a happy home!

  1. Puppy socialization classes are very helpful to get your dog used to noises, people and other dogs. Well socialized pets are more confident, calmer and adjust well to changes in their environment.
  2. If your pet is noise sensitive try source cd to help with desensitizing. There are ones specific for thunderstorms, fireworks etc…
  3. Meet your pets daily needs : dogs that are walked, played with, feed, given toys daily are less likely to be stressed or anxious.
  4. Avoid sedatives and mood enhancing drugs instead choose herbal or natural remedies with minimal side effects.
  5. If the natural remedies are not working then consult a qualified animal behaviourist.

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