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Dr. Megan Kelly’s Top Tips for Arthritic Dogs

Does your dog suffer from arthritis ? Wondering what you can do at home to ensure your pet’s comfort as best you can? There is a lot you can be aware of and incorporate into your dog’s daily routine to ease the pain and discomfort of this debilitating condition.

Read Dr. Megan Kelly’s TOP tips for arthritic dogs below!

  • Take your pet for walks daily. Walk them little and often to minimize muscle fatigue.
  • Avoid thick sand (beach) and long grass. Rather choose a path with a smooth terrain.
  • If your pet has been diagnosed with a joint problem ask your vet to refer you to a rehab specialist who can give you therapeutic exercises to help strengthen and maintain your pet.
  • Hydrotherapy (underwater treadmill or swimming) is great exercise as it allows them to exercise with decreased weight bearing.
  • Add joint supplements and omega 3 and 6 into their food.
  • Avoid long term use of allopathic pain killers and side effects rather choose herbal (link to JOINT HEALTH REMEDY product page), natural remedies and consider alternative treatments such as acupuncture.
  • Choose a bed which is soft but firm. The bed must be easy to get on and off. A specific orthopaedic pet bed is recommended.
  • If you have wooden or tiled floors lay rugs out so your pet doesn’t slip. Alternatively consider dog booties or rubber socks which will give them traction.

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