Haplo and Max’s Story: Joint Health Remedy and Skin Care Remedy


By Nicole

“My old lady (Shepard x Collie) missed her active sister and became really sedate and overweight. My boy arrived (Border Collie rescue) and she lost weight almost immediately because of all the sudden activity! When winter arrived, she was much healthier, but I could see her hips were giving her problems. She’d struggle to get up and then hobble out the room or try and find a more comfortable position. Earlier this year, I started her on a course of Regal Joint Remedy. Within a few weeks, I could see an improvement, especially at night. No more hobbling and shifting from one uncomfortable position to another. Now, she is even able to compete with my boy in the field, leaping in the air for the ball – not very high and not too often, but the improvement is remarkable.

My boy is another success. Since he arrived, his skin condition has fluctuated. Between my vet and I, we managed to pin it down to a flea allergy. We’ve always managed to control fleas well, but this last summer they seemed bent on revenge. My poor boy went crazy and his coat suffered because of his damaged skin. He went from a glossy black and brilliant white to charcoal and sour cream. At the same time I treated the old lady, I gave him Regal Skin Care and the results were just as amazing. I continued the intensive flea control, but his skin and coat healed and improved almost daily.

They really are my furry joys! And now I can’t wait to see what you have lined up for my felines…”

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