Healthy Treat Ideas


If you are conscious of not only your dog’s health, but your budget too, you’ll love these quick, easy treats for your furry friend.


  1. Ice bites – Perfect for a hot day or when you get back from a run. Use a shallow, rounded side ice tray and place small pieces of your dog’s favourite treat at the bottom. Top with home-cooked chicken or meat stock and freeze. This is also a great way to serve any unpleasant medication without fuss!
  2. Plain yoghurt – most dogs love yoghurt and if you buy plain and unsweetened, it’s packed with healthful calcium and probiotics to aid the digestive process. Don’t feed this too often though – for a medium-sized dog 125ml once a week should be more than enough.
  3. Cheese – small bites of mature cheddar are fantastic to use during training. It does not cost a lot, but as with humans, dogs’ tastes will vary. My Border Collie goes mad for almost any cheese but my Shepherd X will rather leave it. Also, be careful of feeding your dog too many treats, especially if you’re trying to shed a few kilos.
  4. Eggs – this is nature’s most potent protein cocktail. If you are struggling with your pet’s weight, you may want to consider feeding only the egg white as the fat all sits in the yolk.
  5. Carrots – someone once told me that half a cup of grated carrots once a week will keep the worms away. I don’t know how true this is, but many dogs do enjoy a small, sweet, crunchy carrot as a treat. It’s an excellent source of beta carotene for a healthy coat.


Extra bits:

  1. Ice Bites Super-Sized: If it’s a hot day and your pet is easily bored (especially puppies), try ice a whole 2/5 litre tub filled with home-cooked chicken/meat stock. Place suitable toys and small edible treats throughout. As he licks the ice or it melts, he’ll be  constantly surprised and entertained!
  2. Baby carrots are not only healthy and sweetened by nature, a cold or even frozen carrot can help a teething pup!
  3. Try baking your own banana or sweet potato chips. Excellent sources of fibre and vitamins.


There are some foods that aren’t good and can even be poisonous for your dog. Learn what these are.

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