Hero Chelsea

Hero Chelsea

By Jessica Wallenkamp

Chelsea was born on 15th December 2014 with pneumonia. She had been on a drip and was treated for this condition.

We bought her in January 2016 and were told that she was over the pneumonia. Shortly after bringing her home (a few days later) she became very ill. We took her to the vet who said that she was just getting used to her new diet. She was on Science Plan. She received an injection and we took her home. By the next day she was still very ill and we took her to another vet who also said she had to get used to her food. She got another injection. She was eating but throwing up continually. On the visit to the third vet her ribs were showing and she had lost weight.

The third vet also said it was her tummy getting used to the food. That night she had a runny tummy x9 so at 6am we rode through from the South Coast to Pietermaritzburg to see another vet. She was sick in the car the entire trip and we really thought that she was not going to make it but Chelsea is a fighter.

The fourth vet took one look at her, drew some blood, took stool samples and said that she was still suffering from the disease she had at birth. He diagnosed her with puppy farm disease, which was strange because we bought her from a breeder. He gave her an injection and medicine and within a few hours there was improvement. She had gone down to 2½ kg at this time but in no time at all Chelsea was happy and healthy and now weighs 20kg! She still has the scar from the drip site but it does not bother her. She is our miracle baby who fought to stay alive.

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