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How to address obesity and weight gain in dogs the holistic way

Once you have ruled out any underlying medical cause for your dog’s weight problems, there is a lot you can do by examining your pet’s lifestyle, exercise and diet habits.

Run, boy run! Any healthy lifestyle, plan whether for yourself or your pooch, needs to incorporate enough exercise. It’s important to introduce your pet to a more vigorous exercise routine by incrementally increasing your dog’s daily physical activity. Start off with short sessions and slowly increasing the length and intensity of it day by day. Overweight dogs are more likely to suffer from overheating and breathing problems, so keep a watchful eye out. Don’t hesitate to chat with your vet for assurance of how much exercise your dog can handle.

Weight management food. Changing your dog’s diet to weight management food that is fortified with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids can go a long way to addressing your dog’s weight gain by breaking down stored fat, boosting energy levels and giving your dog the nutritional boost he/she needs to get back on track. A good tip to remember when looking at the label of any food you buy for your dog – the earlier the ingredients appear on the label, the more there is in the food. Therefore, look out for quality ingredients such as high-quality meat e.g. organic chicken that is not only lean but is also a healthy source of protein.

Be choosy about your dog’s treats. Treats often contribute significantly to dogs that have become overweight. If you want to give your dog a reward, then it’s important to find healthier options.

Practice tough-love! Many of us are familiar with the irresistible tug on the heart strings when a pooch looks at us with those incredibly sad, puppy -dog eyes. What you need to remember though is he/she is manipulating you and by giving in, you are encouraging the behaviour! Learn to say no and your dog will learn to stop pleading. By doing so, you have your dog’s best interests at heart.

A problem shared is a problem halved. Get your whole family involved in helping your dog lose those extra kilos. Getting everyone’s attention and understanding will go a long way to ensuring you remain consistent in adjusting your dog’s lifestyle, exercise and diet routine.

Spayed or neutered dogs need a diet adjustment. Mistakenly, many dog owners blame sterilization for their pooch’s weight gain rather than recognizing that more often than not it’s due to insufficient exercise and a high-energy diet that is no longer necessary for a growing pup that has less need for energy.

Source quality herbal remedies for overall systemic health. Reputable herbal remedies can go a long way in supporting the overall health of your dog. Being overweight puts stress on the whole body and herbs can help support the organs to function better, which together with an improved lifestyle, diet and exercise routine provides a holistic and effective way to improve your dog’s weight and resistance to illnesses often associated with obesity for overall and long-term health and vitality.

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