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Human Foods Never To Feed Your Dog

How often have we succumbed to those puppy dog eyes at the dinner table and given our dogs scraps, or taken a “doggy bag” from a restaurant with the intent of giving the contents to said “doggy”? Unfortunately, that’s the worst thing you can do. Many foods are actually poisonous to dogs and while symptoms vary for the different toxic foods, and the size of dog plays a part, it’s important to note which foods are toxic and to keep them far away from our furry family – especially with the festive season upon us.

Below is a list of just a few of the foods never to give your dog. The amount consumed, type of food and the size of dog will determine how severely the animal will be affected, but it’s better not to mess around. Just avoid all of the following – to be safe.

If you witness your dog eating something he shouldn’t or even suspect he has, call your vet immediately, and provide him with as much detail as possible; exactly what was consumed and how much. Your vet will advise treatment.

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