03 October 2013| Doggie health issues

Furry Hyper Mania

  If your dog could exhaust a nursery school full of toddlers and still beg for more, here are 5 tips to help calm your furry kid down:

1. Are you calm?


Dogs can be really sensitive to our moods. If you are nervous or stressed, they can sometimes act out our own turmoil in ways that surprise. If things are tense at the moment, try keep noise levels down, concentrate on speaking calmly and take some time for one-on-one interaction with your dog. You’ll find it becomes a self-fulfilling action, not only calming to your dog, but to you too.

2. Quality time


Our dogs look to us for all their needs, including social interaction. Find a moment when she’s restful and, without disturbing her, slowly sit down next to her. Spend some time calmly stroking or grooming her; speak low and soft. If she starts acting up again, say ‘no’ and gently show her what you want. If she doesn’t understand, end the session with a smile and walk away. Try again tomorrow.

3. Run, run, run


This solution may seem obvious: run ‘em ‘til they drop. Some dogs have such boundless energy that anything short of military grade anaesthetics just won’t keep them down. What we’re looking for here is quality exercise – what stimulates your pup best? Take a look at our Play Time article for some ideas. If you’re not up to the rough and tumble of furry fun, get some other dogs to lend a hand. If you have a dog-friendly park nearby or a local dog-walking group, it would be a good place to start. If not, try find another dog yours gets along with and arrange playdates.

4. Training


We all know how exhausting deep concentration can be. It’s the same for dogs. Regular training will not only stimulate her mentally and exhaust her physically, you could also both benefit from developing better communication through a positive bonding experience.

5. Supplement


Regal Stress and Anxiety Remedy is an excellent formula for dogs. It not only soothes your pet, it also helps strengthen and repair the nervous system. It can be used for dogs going through a particularly stressful period or for those who are generally high-strung. It helps them feel more at ease with the natural power of herbs.

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