Misty’s Story

By Cherika

We got Misty from our neighbour almost 2 years ago as a puppy. She was the most playful of all her brothers and sisters and was the 1st one to bark and walk. She picked up a virus named PARVO and really was fatal. We fought with her and supported her to get better. When she came home her skin did not look the same after her medication she received. We used Regal Skin Remedy Multivitamin and Skin Spray because we needed a product for Misty that could help her with her skin condition. Her hair fell out and she had skin irritation. I must say, we were really impressed with the results of Misty’s coat and skin condition. It looks more healthy and shiny. Misty’s skin and coat is how it should look now and we still use the product as it is very good and it helps. I would recommend this to any pet as it is in the form of herbal and homeopathic products designed to treat your pet at home and aid in common conditions for her skin.

Regal Skin Care Remedy


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