New kid on the block, the Regal Joint Health Spray, is here to ease your dog’s pain, the holistic way

Now in a convenient spray form, the Regal Joint Health Spray is new to the Regal Pet Health family and is the perfect complement to the Joint Health range – which includes the Joint Health Remedy and the Joint Health Tablets.

It’s never nice to see your dog in pain and suffering from stiff and aching joints. The Spray is a topical herbal remedy which promotes joint flexibility, and encourages more active mobility while reducing stiffness and discomfort for enhanced overall joint functioning.  It is best to use it together with the Joint Health Remedy or Joint Health Tablets.

The two main herbs which comprise the Spray are Devil’s Claw, which is widely documented for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, and White Willow Bark which acts a lot like aspirin, so it is used for pain, including headache, muscle pain, rheumatoid arthritis  and osteoarthritis.


How to treat your dog’s joint problems holistically

Before taking extreme measures such as surgery, try taking the holistic approach. This way you address not only the joint pain itself but everything around it; from your dog’s diet, his/her general physical health, emotional wellbeing, and the environment.

  • Is your dog overweight? Overweight pets put extra pressure on their joints and over time, this will add unnecessary strain to the muscular skeletal system. By ensuring your dog has a healthy weight, you are not only reducing the amount of stress the joints need to cope with, but you are also reducing inflammation as obesity can contribute to chronic, low grade inflammation in the body.
  • Look at your dog’s diet. Nutrition is also key when treating or preventing joint problems. For example, hip dysplasia not only has a genetic element but a nutritional one as well. If large breeds aren’t fed the correct diet when they are puppies, the hip muscle mass cannot keep up with the growth of the bone. This, in turn, results in an imbalance, which causes strain on the hip and causes inflammation. The body then attempts to compensate by forming extra bone to help stabilize the joint.
  • Consider alternative treatments. Acupuncture, aromatherapy, chiropractic, hydrotherapy and herbal remedies have all shown to support the health of the joints. Herbal remedies especially, can play a key role in reducing inflammation and pain, strengthening the muscular skeletal system and supporting overall immune functioning. So give the Regal Joint Health range a try!


How to use Regal Pet Health’s Joint Health Spray:

Apply to affected areas twice-daily. Gently moisten the areas to be treated with the spray. You may need to lift the fur or work it in through the fur to help it contact the skin. For acute conditions, use may be increased to three times a day. For best results use strictly as per dosage recommendation. Please consult your veterinarian if symptoms do not clear or get worse. For external use only. Shake well before use. May cause discolouration to light coats or skin.


Joint Health Spray:

Regal Joint Health Spray is a topical herbal remedy to promote joint flexibility, encourage more active mobility while reducing stiffness and discomfort for enhanced overall joint functioning. Regal Joint Health Spray is formulated with Devil’s Claw and White Willow Bark, which are traditionally known for anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Here’s to freedom of movement for your very best friend.


Where to buy:

You will find the Regal range stocked across selected Pick ‘n PayCheckersSpar and vet and pet shops around the country. We are also stocked in all Dis-Chem outlets nationwide.

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