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Regal Calms Pitbull

By Danika

“I am Danika Hills, and I am 13 years old. I came from Sasolburg to the KUSA event. I could see that ‘Nitro’ was a little nervous and insecure, so Miss Estelle gave ‘Nitro’ some Stress and Anxiety Remedy from Regal Pet Health. It worked fast and good, so I went and sat with him in the kennel and cuddled him and kissed him. I love dogs it was awesome with him! Pitbulls are the greatest. Punish the deed not the breed!”


By Estelle

“I am Estelle Smith (President) of UnderDogs SA Rehabilitation Centre, we could not afford a stand at the World of Cats and Dogs, and visited the Pit bull Federation of SA stand. a part of my rehabilitation is to take a rescues pit bulls into different situations for socializing , not knowing this specific day it was Kusa dog show, and there were hundreds of dogs at the one entrance that morning, besides all the other different animals, cats Horses, ext.

Nitro is used to be in a natural environment, this specific morning was like Wow to him, he was not scared! but yes he was nervous and insecure for never been in such environment and lots of different noises, music, announcements, different animal in such small place, I immediately thought of you people that I saw the previous day.

I went to your stand and asked if you will be able to help me with something just to calm him down that I can bring him through all those crowds as said at that stage the one entrance was with hundreds of dogs with kusa Show , and the other entrance they were busy with a horse show there is not space to walk, he is a rescue came out of terrible abuse and still have to get the last stage of rehabilitation, he have not been to a event like this ever.

Regal Pets Health was fantastic and so helpful they told me that will not be no problem to help me, they gave me Stress and Anxiety Remedy,

I gave my Pit bull “Nitro” 10ml, and not even 10 to 15 minutes he was so calm relaxed, he walk threw all those people and animals not once have he been aggressive or scared, he was still himself not like a zombie at all, he looked so proud and full of confidence,

PBFSA had a kennel for him at there stand if he gets tired he can go lie down for there is a lot small children touching and screaming that he can get out of reach and rest and relax in the kennel while.

Danika Hills is a 13 year old girl that loves animals asked if she can sit with him so that all the people don’t stick there hands into the kennel the whole time for I would definitely get tired of everybody if they just want to touch and rub me all the time.

I saw Nitro was perfectly relaxed and comfortable and said that is fine. She had a lovely time with him inside his kennel he loved her presence and she was very proud to sit with him and gave him kisses and hugs and were posing for photos.

Hundreds of people came to see and complimented me with him he good condition well behavior and said he is calm relaxed look at him sitting with a minor child in a kennel.

One of Regal managers came and took photos of Nitro and Danika Hill with his tablet.

Thank you to all the staff of Regal for the remedy to get him through all those people noise and animals. For Nitro my boy is a rescue pit bull, and the most miss understood Breed of all. I will always be a voice for this voiceless breed.

Thank you Regal.”


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