Regal Treats – Just in Time for Christmas!

Christmas is coming! Why not let Father Christmas bring your doggies some yummy Christmas presents from our new treat range?

Regal Treats – Just in Time for Christmas!

Our Doggy Dental Chews come in packets of large chews (5 per packet) and small chews (20 per packet). Our Doggy Bites come in 600g bags. Both these products are vegetarian and wheat-free. The Doggy Bites come in peanut butter flavour; while the Doggy Dental Chews come in mint, beef, chicken and milk flavour.

Regal Doggy Dental Chews are a delicious low fat, wheat-free chewy treat, low in calories and rich in nutrients. Regal Doggy Dental Chews will assist in the removal of plaque and tartar, and will help maintain healthy teeth and gums, as well as freshen breath.
Regal Doggy Bites are a wheat-free, wholesome biscuit that is a healthy and tasty option to keep your pet in tip-top condition. Ensuring their health comes first, these gluten- and wheat-free biscuits, with delicious peanut butter flavour, will aid in their digestive health. Regal Doggy Bites also help manage tartar control, making this the perfect homemade treat! Your dog won’t be able to resist chowing down on these delicious bones.

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