10 March 2014 | Dog Health & Behaviour Advice

Why does my dog dig?

Digging may be perfectly normal behaviour for your canine friend, however, this kind of behaviour may pose as troublesome for you!

We know that digging can be harmful to your environment, but, at the same time, digging for some dogs is an activity that keeps them balanced and busy. It’s a form of exercise and distraction, and, for a dog, it can be simply a matter of being bored and having nothing else to do.

It’s good to know why your dog is actually digging. It could be for a number of reasons. Sometimes they dig to get warm or stay cool, to entertain themselves, to bury valued items etc.

Many dogs dig for the fun of it. This type of digging is the hardest to treat because the action of digging is rewarding in and of itself. To achieve success, rather than attempting to eliminate the behaviour, try to redirect your dog’s digging to an acceptable place.

Perhaps your dog is bored or not getting enough exercise. So, you need to find a way to burn the energy they use by digging.  Exercise is always the best way to drain any dog’s excess energy. Go for a run with your dog, or a swim, get busy and active with your fur baby!

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