Stray Dog Gets His Skin Back: Stuart’s Story


By Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre

“Stuart is a 3-year-old male Jack Russell. He was picked up next to the road with a terrible skin condition. It almost looked like burn wounds. We tried several remedies, without any definite effect. We put him onto Regal Skin Care Remedy and within a few weeks he looked like a new dog!”


  1. herman says:

    please help me, i have a jack russel with a terrible skin problem, itchy, scratches all day, bleeds and smells bad.

    Received help from vet, helped for a while but back to square one.

    I feel so sorry for her, please help me save this dog.

    Thanking you

    Herman Korte

    • Kim says:

      Hi Herman, Thank you for your question. We understand your serious concern for your Jack Russel and we are happy to be able to help you. We recommend you use the Regal Pet Health Skin Care Remedy (this product addresses skin complaints including skin allergies, eczema, rashes and hot spots) and the Skin healing Remedy ( helps soothe and heal irritated, raw or infected skin)
      Please visit for detailed information on these products. We hope this helps heal your lovely dog. If the problem persists, we do recommend consulting your vet. Do let us know how it goes. Have a good day!

  2. Madelein says:

    Watch out Rapunzel… Stuart is on his way!

    Looking good Stuart.

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