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Stress and Anxiety Remedy – Charlie's Story


By Nicolette

“Charlie is a year-old Yorkie and the cutest dog in the world. Well, that is my opinion, most people will disagree. Charlie is, like most puppies, curious but with a huge difference – Charlie has no end.  He has been labelled extremely hyper. When he comes into contact with anybody or anything, he behaves like a Jack-in-the-box with ADD.  During stressful times he will sometimes become depressed. A road trip with Charlie is enough to drive anyone around the bend, because he gets so excited.  He will jump and moan and cry the whole way.

But all this changed the day when he started on Regal Stress & Anxiety. Now he is much calmer and even more obedient. He falls asleep more easily and doesn’t storm every person he sees. Even in the car he will sit still and just chew on a toy. Thank you Regal for changing visits with the family into a dream.  Now everybody wants to spend time with the cutest little Charlie in the world.”

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