Stella’s Success Story


Stella was rescued/ adopted through Cape Dachshund Rescue (CDR) at 12weeks old, a very skinny pup (2.8kg) with a sensitive tummy to everything. We were on special tummy food until 5 months old. Stella’s start to life was not the easiest coming from an unloving home with very little attention and food, CDR rescued her and a week later she became a member of our family. Her big sister Sophia was unsure of the new addition, as we had sleepless nights with Stella’s anxiety, days spent at home and a few items which lifespan was shortened. Stella’s coping mechanism was barking, crying and yelping at the top of her lungs or alternatively chewing apart anything in sight. Once the others in the house realized the puppy was staying toys, beds and treats were allowed to be shared. Unfortunately, this did not change Stella’s anxiety when I left the house or even walked outside to hang the washing. We tried a few products (vet and shop recommendations) but these all failed, nearly giving up hope we chatted to a fellow “sausage mom” who suggested Regal, within a few days of trying the product there was a huge difference in Stella who was more at ease with being left with her Sister while I was out, recall got better and her all-round behaviour improved as her anxiety and stress levels were completely down. Our lifestyle has completely changed that I can leave her; she is not on edge and relaxes from time to time. She has become a “happy go lucky” little girl with loads of positive energy, tail wags, kisses for mom and a soft spot to play with her favourite toys. Regal Stress and Anxiety Remedy truly helped Stella be the pup she was born to be and taken the anxiety edge off. 

Regal Nerve Tonic Formula


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