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Bella’s Story


We adopted Bella from Uitenhage SPCA in February 2014.

When we got her she was very shy and itchy with bad dandruff and bare patches on her skin.

We put her on a good food brand (Vets Choice) which helped to get her weight up.

We struggled with shampoos, ointments, injections and even dips as the vets diagnosed her with allergies and then mange but nothing seemed to work.

After we bought the Joint Health Remedy for slight limps she had after rough playing we saw the Regal Selfie Competition (March 2015) and won a whole bunch of products that we immediately put to the test.

The shampoo was first – the itch was better after the first wash! She got the Skin Care Remedy over her food and we used the Skin Healing Spray on scrapes (she’s a rough player). She used to nibble and scratch all the time! That is now totally gone and we hardly ever see her scratch or nibble.

The before photos were taken in February 2014 (Her skin broke out like this until March 2015 with bare patches coming and going until we started with the skin products from Regal).

The after photo was taken in July 2015. The first time she used Regal was in January 2015 with the Joint Health Remedy. In March she started with the skin products.