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Elsa was rescued by a friend of ours from her original owners.
As a puppy she received no attention, training or correct feeding. We agreed to help out and take her in. So began the hard work of getting her healthy first of all and then of giving her some basic training.
Her coat was in a terrible mess. We managed to get it looking reasonably good but it was never 100%
Then we discovered Regal Glossy Coat and we started her on that. Since then her coat is wonderful.
Elsa has given us four litters of magnificent puppies. Our dog, Loftus was the father each time. We still have contact with many of the owners of the puppies we sold and the dogs are as beautiful as ever.
One or two have had issues with their coats and some are show dogs. We always recommend Regal to them.
When Elsa came to us she had no idea what coming inside meant. When we finally coaxed her inside she would stand on top of the tables as she had no clue what she was supposed to do. Now she sleeps inside with all our other dogs and in winter, will sneak onto the bed.

Helen Daphne Seiler