Emma’s Story

Emma, my beautiful eight year old cocker spaniel, was my twenty first birthday present from my parents and has been my best friend and companion every day since. She has always been a very active dog who will play ball for hours, loves swimming and especially her daily walks in the park.

One day, after much excitement arriving at the park, Emma began limping very badly. She had been diagnosed with the beginnings of hip dysplasia a few years before so I thought she had perhaps tweaked a nerve. After a very long and stressful night we were the first people at the vet the next morning.

As soon as we were in the room our amazing vet went straight to her knee and immediately knew it was her cruciate ligament. I burst into tears immediately and Emma was booked in for a couple of tests. Her little face as I walked out was one of confusion. She is very much my dog and doesn’t do well being away from me unless with family. I received a call that it was indeed her cruciate and she needed surgery. The surgery was a resounding success but she was at the vet under strict cage rest for three days. Visiting her nearly broke my heart as she cried like I had never heard her before when we put her back in her cage. With the help of my parents and sister I was able to settle the account and take her home (I admit to shedding a tear or two on the way home).

When she was allowed home she was on very strict rest – no jumping, no walks and very limited activity. She was confined to my room separated from the house. We even put my mattress on the floor to avoid her jumping. I read a couple of books in those first few days as she would whimper if I left her sight. For a formerly very active cocker spaniel she became very clingy and depressed. I was heartbroken for her. Having used the Regal Skin Care Remedy with much success in the past I put her on the healing tonic as soon as I could. Once her wound had healed beautifully without infection (a big worry), I changed her onto the Joint Health Remedy. At our six week check up at the vet he was very happy with her recovery. We have started walking again and when we managed to get back to the dog park for the first time in seven weeks, Emma stopped at every grass tuft and bush in joy. She is now, nearly two months after her op, back to my silly Emma Bum. Walks are still on leash and catching the ball strictly prohibited but every day she gets her Regal in her meals. I can see the difference in her walking if she hasn’t had it for a few days.

I am a psychologist and Emma always knows when I need her. Even just to sit at my feet and be her silly self. She and her little rescued sister, Josey, helped me through the harder days of my career. I would do anything for my Ems and can’t thank Regal enough for their help.