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 Jessie’s Story

~ Melissa van Heerden


On June 5th, 2016, I adopted a 5-month-old Kitty named Jessie. She was so skinny and underfed that I could feel every rib and see her spine. She was scared, very unsociable and would only stay in my room in her nest. She wouldn’t go anywhere in the house unless I carried her. My best friend gave me some Regal Cat Health Tonic and I started adding it to every meal for her and my other cat, Jinx.

It was about 3 days and I started seeing a change in both of them. Jessie started exploring on her own. There was no more hissing and they would eat meals together.

It’s now a month later. Jessie has gained weight. She is happy, she plays, explores and left the safety of her nest. She doesn’t need me 24/7 anymore and that makes me happy that she found her independence. If it wasn’t for Regal I don’t know how I would have been able to save Jessie and give her a second chance in life.

Thank you so much Regal. You saved my baby!!!