Kelly’s Story


~ Kelsey Leigh

Kelly’s adventure started at 3 months old when she was rescued from teenagers selling her in a parking lot. She was very underweight, only weighing 4kgs, and it was a battle for the first month to bring her back to a healthy state. From the start it was evident she was going to be a dog with some issues but I wasn’t giving up and I was determined to work with her as much as I could. Kelly and I have slowly worked our way through puppy school and basic obedience, improving each week and ultimately earning our club ‘Most Improved’ award. She is extremely energetic and high energy dog who is always doing something and always at a high speed. In September 2017 I found out Kelly had a luxating patella and if it continued she would need surgery. Being such an active lively dog made me extremely worried about her recovery after the surgery as she would need 4 weeks of strict cage rest and no jumping or craziness for a while after surgery.
The first month after the surgery Kelly was on very strong medication but after they finished I had to find something that kept her calm and relaxed so she didn’t hurt herself. I tried everything! I tried every calming tablet and liquid recommended and nothing helped, nothing calmed her buzzing brain! One day a friend recommended Regal Stress and Anxiety Remedy. I was open to try anything at that point and went out and bought a bottle immediately. Within the first 2 weeks she was much calmer, not as restless, but we had to put Regal to the ultimate test. Our first obedience competition. After being on Regal Stress and Anxiety Remedy for only 3 weeks we competed in our first show and although she was still a bit nervous she handled the environment and everything amazingly. Her focus during our heelwork pattern was amazing and we placed 2nd! Regal Stress and Anxiety Remedy is a great long-term product for extremely anxious dogs and not a liquid is easier to give to a fussy dog than a tablet. Even her rehab therapist can see how much more relaxed she is. Thank you so much to the Regal team for this amazing product.


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