Kilala Kitties


Our journey started in 2006 when we rescued our first 3 kittens. As the years went by the number of cats in dire need, that we rescued and adopted increased, which lead to the registration of the Kilala Animal Sanctuary as a Non Profit Organisation – NPO, in 2017. 

Currently all expenses and operating costs of around seven thousand rand are paid for out of our own pockets. We are currently working on various methods to gather sponsorship and funding such as the development of our website, which will enable us to bring in funds to assist with running our sanctuary both now and in the future. 

The histories of our beloved cats range from abandoned, neglected, abused and adopted. As we do not have the histories or know the stories that lead to their plight when they came to us, eight of our loving cats were called back to heaven between 2014 and 2018, from as young as 2 years old to 16 years old. 

We also provide food for strays and feral cats in our area and those that come around for visits to us. Additionally, if need be we take care of the strays and feral cats medical requirements, vet bills and burial costs as the situations arise. All our animals are fed on Iams dry food pellets and Hills specialized dietary supplementation when in medical distress or recovering from medical procedures. We would like to thank Iams for the donations and vouchers that help us ensure the animals in our care and our extended support from time to time of other feeding schemes and organizations is maintained. Our animals also receive a powdered tonic with their food daily from Regal and which tonic has made a dramatic improvement in the overall health and wellness of the animals in the sanctuary.

We currently have 21 permanent adult cats resident in our colony, all sterilised and vaccinated.  They all have their own little tail to tell and which stories have been provided in other communication. 6 Kittens were born in the sanctuary, when we adopted the mother who had been abandoned by her owners, who just moved out of their townhouse and left her behind. When none of the xx owners, tenants or body corporate would take responsibility for her, we adopted her and the 6 kittens born became part of our permanent residents.

As our sanctuary is at capacity for its current size and location, we can only assist in the re-homing of animals in need and animals in sever distress needing temporary assistance. The last two cats re-homed, being a rescued kitten that had been severely injured or beaten and has ongoing medical needs and in January 2019, an 8 years old male cat, whose loving and distressed owner had to give him up for adoption when she moved to an old age facility that would not allow him to move with her. Both are well and thriving in loving and caring homes. 

Within the sanctuary, given the number of cats that we have, their backgrounds, the circumstances they were rescued from, and the traumas they were exposed to, resulting medical conditions always present themselves that must be taken care of, which is always a great expense. We are grateful and wish to thank Des and Susie of Avatar Sterilisation and Protection Veterinary Consulting Rooms in Fourways for their assistance and considerations when it comes to paying the costs of medical care and procedures. This year we have 7 cats needing dental procedures alone and without Des and Susie, we would not be able to cope with the rising medical bills for our sanctuary. Our next objective is to be in a position to take out the required medical insurance for each animal on a monthly basis to assist in the medical care for each as they age and face the challenges from their life traumas that lead them to us.

We were introduced to the Regal Cat Health Tonic through our friend Vicky, who quietly goes about doing an incredible job for animals herself. The immediate results and effect of this tonic has improved our cats overall health and wellness, from the youngest to the oldest. The dramatic changes noted in the cats that have and had chronic illnesses or disease is noted below: 

• Titan our little 8.2kg fellow, has asthma and stopped wheezing and sneezing, we stopped his chronic medication for these conditions within in days of starting the tonic.

• Steve has allergies and the sneezing stopped and his eyes stopped streaming.

• Sokkies had a skin problem we had been unable to cure for a year with antibiotics and cortisone and which is now completely gone. There was an immediate improvement and the rash cleared within 2 weeks. Months down the line and still no rash or no spots on her skin. 

• Jess was losing his hair and even had an ever expanding bald patch on his tummy…his coat is now healthy and shiny and the bald patches gone.

• Xavier, our beloved boy, lost his battle with the ever present kidney issues common in communal cats and succumbed to cancer in the end. A rather helpless feeling! We had been feeding him specialized food to support his transition. He could not eat much and didn’t keep his food down. When we added the tonic to his food, he started eating more, kept his food down and gained some weight. He also had more energy to move around. We firmly believe that the tonic provided him with a better quality of life in the few weeks he was on the tonic. He was called back to heaven November 2018.

We are enormously grateful to Pet Regal Health for their sponsorship to us of the Cat Health Tonic and thank you for inviting us to become part of your Regal Pet Hero Team… we are sincerely honored to be associated with your company and dedicated team of professionals.

Thank you to the entire Regal Team for your dedication towards improving animal health. You are doing phenomenal work that is making a real difference in the quality of life of many animals and owners alike.

Thank you on behalf of the Kilala Residents and Management Team

Cat Health Tonic