Klara’s Success Story

I bought Klara in 2014. At first, everything seemed ok. When she was 5 months old we walk with Klara and Heidi (her sister) to the community swimming pool. On the way back, she started crying in pain. Picked her up and then I knew in my heart what is wrong… I didn’t want to lose my puppy at this young age. The next morning, I was sitting watching TV. Klara walked to me, put her head on my lap as to say “please don’t give up on me.” We’ve taken her to the vet. X-rays showed at 5 months already the ball of the leg that goes into the hip was deformed (hip dysplasia).

Klara was then put on prescribed meds – Rimadyl and later Pentosan (polysulphate sodium) as we moved to a new town it started getting difficult to get the meds. The new vet came to see Klara at home. He confirmed she had bad hip dysplasia and also bad knees.

In August 2019 we decided to try REGAL JOINT HEALTH REMEDY… and what a difference it made in her life. We are only giving her half of what she is supposed to get, and she can enjoy life again.

Running, playful and having fun to be a dog again. We could see the difference in just a month after starting to give her Regal Joint Health Remedy.

~ Engela Potgieter