Loftus’ story

~Daphne Seiler

I bred Loftus myself from a long line of Golden Retrievers. His mother, Jody, was my first Golden and my absolute heart dog.As a young dog Loftus had no helth issues at all. However, as he got older he develooped a very itchy, sensitive skin that I found impossible to control by diet only.
My husband and I belong to the volountary therapy dogs organisation, Paws for People. As soon as Lotus was old enough he received the relevan training and passed his initial assessment.
However, Paws have strict health requirements for all the dogs, so an itchy, scaly skin was not acceptable.
After some research and several different potions available on the market, we discovered Regal for Sensitive Skin Care Remedy and the same in shampoo.
We began with giving him a double dose on a daily basis for seven days. We shampooed him once a week and sat back and watched his coat improve almost overnight. It was such a joy to see him to finally get some relief from the irritation he had been experiencing.
Golden Retrievers are very prone to hot spots in the summer months. We found that when our dogs were on Regal these hot spots were a thing of the past.
Loftus has always had a fear of thunderstorms. This has increased as he has got older. So we have started using the Stress and Anxiety Remedy as well when necessary. This has helped him a great deal. Loftus is now 12 years old and is still a therapy dog. He works with my husband, Ivor, at various facilities. Currently they work as a team with special needs children, at a children’s home and a home for the elderly. His coat is still in good condition and we will not take him off Regal. Especially in summer.



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