Mike and Mechanic’s Story



Mechanic started ‘yelping’ when jumping down from my bed where he usually sleeps. It was clear that he was sore as he stopped running around as he used to, and did not like to go for his usual walk as he used to. I took him to the vet who told me it is a very bad stage of arthritis and that there is nothing that can really be done about it. He gave him an injection but there was no difference. I then asked a pet store for advice and he recommended Regal Joint Health Remedy. After about two weeks there was a complete change and Mechanic became himself again. He takes 5ml every day in his food and is still a very happy chap.



After seeing what a difference Regal Joint Health Remedy made on Mechanic, I started Mike on it too. However, Mike had an ongoing skin irritation and was scratching himself. I then saw Regal Skin Care Remedy and started Mike on that. Again, after almost two weeks, there was a visible change in Mike and his skin and hair seems to be less dry. For a long time, Mike has not been running around and hardly ever went for walks. The vet said it is old age and arthritis and his right rear leg was visibly ‘pulled’ in toward the left, causing him not to be able to stand for long periods (five minutes or more) before he sat down. I increased his dosage of Regal Joint Health Remedy and in the past two weeks Mike started running around. Wow!



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