Phoenix’s Story




Phoenix is my gorgeous fur baby who’s been in my life going on nearly 7 years. On 29th December 2009 I brought home this angel at 2 months old. Who knew the journey we’d be on?


As a puppy I noticed she had trouble getting up and down steps – she would give a yelp on the up. So off to the vet we went. After struggling to find the right vet and diagnosis, we were told Phoenix had spinal meningitis. The vet wanted to do a spinal tap but the risk for such a young dog was possible paralysis. As I decided not go with the spinal tap, that meant a lot of bonding between me and her. Many days were spent sleeping on my chest. Because of the weakness in her back legs puppy socialising wasn’t an option and we were told she wouldn’t make it a year.


During all of this I was dealt another blow. My mom was diagnosed with cancer. My mom called Phoenix her grandchild and it would seem my mom knew something I didn’t – that Phoenix would be my guardian for life. And today she’s seven years old. You would never know she was so sick when you see her today, and because she’s been my rock I always give her the best Regal Pet Health products (Stress and Anxiety Remedy, Joint Health Remedy and the Skin Healing Shampoo). She is great around people but a little anxious around other dogs.


I use the Joint Health Remedy because of the spinal meningitis. I use it to help keep her joints healthy as she gets older to help prevent joint problems in the future. The results have been good – she has strength in her back legs.

The Stress and Anxiety Remedy I use mainly during times when there’s fireworks – like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Guy Fawkes etc. – but also if there are loud noises in the neighbourhood that might stress her out. When I have an anxiety attack she is calmer and helps me get through my attack.

And both have helped. Now that Phoenix turns 7 in October means she’s a senior – I want to make sure she’s around for a long time still.