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Romanov’s Story

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Romanov (Age 2)
  • Rope toys for tug of war
  • Anything that makes a noice.
  • Walking on a lead and chasing birds
The car, humans.
Favourite Regal product:
Skin Care Remedy 400 ml

By Nicole Muller


“I just love your amazing product and I use this before I even take my dogs to the vet.

In November 2015 we welcomed a new little boy into our life. His name is Romanov and he is only 1.7 years young.

They needed someone to take care of him because he was so injured the rescue team couldn’t take him to their kennels. He needed tlc and medication on a regular basis. Also he was so traumatised that the environment of a kennel would be too stressful, so I adopted this lil boy,

I don’t know the whole story of what he went through but he was bitten and attacked on a regular basis. I could see this because of the new as well as old scars on his body and his hair didn’t grow over the old scars. He was also very traumatised and stressed out.

So my journey with him started, and this is where Regal just won me over again. I used Recover and Heal Remedy as well as the Skin Care Remedies, and in just 1.5 months I had a new dog.

Thanks for an amazing product. Me and my family love you guys!”