Valiant’s Story

Valiant's Success Story

By Mabel Ma


“As a puppy, Valiant had a very dry-looking coat. All his Border Collie friends at puppy school had glossy-looking coats that were long and thick compared to his. His fur seemed short and very coarse. I tried a lot of things recommended by some friends, like adding coconut oil to his diet, using all sorts of expensive doggy shampoos, but unfortunately his fur was still very dull. Then I came across the Regal Pet Health range at our local pet store selling a remedy for glossy coats. It’s been a year and we’re still using the Glossy Coat Remedy. Valiant’s fur has grown long and thick and it genuinely looks so much healthier than before. Everywhere we go, people compliment his beautiful coat and we owe it to Regal Pet Health. Thank you!.”