We got Zara from a breeder out here in Zambia. My husband has always loved Rotties – although never had one. I eventually said yes. Took us a while to find her but we did, and the day we went to see her, I couldn’t leave without her. She was ours. We also know it!
Her fur was dull, full of dandruff, sticky and thick to touch. It was terrible. I called my mom and asked her to buy the Regal Glossy Coat Remedy and send it to us ASAP! We bathed her twice and twice more a few days later. The Regal arrived which included the Skin Healing Spray too (I think for itchy skin). Started using it and within two weeks we could see a difference. She scratched less, less dandruff, and her shine was unbelievable, especially in the sun!
Oscar was on the Joint Health Remedy for many years too. He passed away 2 weeks ago, and would have been 15 in Sept!! We honestly love Regal products!