Zayli’s Success Story

I bought Zayli from a breeder in Pretoria. She was beautiful… furry. Right after she turned 3 years, she started lost her hair. It started under her tail and along her back. She had dark spots on her skin (pigmentation). Her skin was very dry with bald patches. It started April 2018. I phoned the breeder and she was so shocked when I explained how she looks. The breeder immediate said it is alopecia X, also known as ‘Black skin disease’, the Pomeranians increase prevalence of Black Skin Disease. I took her to my vet. He also suspected it is alopecia X. He referred me to a specialist in Fourways. They done some test and diagnosed her with alopecia X. The exact cause remains unknown. The specialist told me that there is no treatment for alopecia X. My heart was so sore and I couldn’t make peace with it. I took Zayli to a second vet for a second opinion after a year. The second vet also referred me to a vet in Randburg. That was May / June 2019. The diagnoses was the same. The vet told me that it is a cosmetic desease and I have to make peace with it. He subscribed melatonin as last option. I gave Zayli the melatonin for 6 months… still no hair growth ☹ She looks so bad. My mom made her pretty dresses. I couldn’t let her in the sun without her dresses, because her skin was very sensitive for sunburn.

A friend of mine told me about Regal. I thought how can Regal help, if 2 vets and 2 specialists couldn’t help? But… I thought let me try ? Anything for my Zayli!! I started using the Regal products in December 2019, and after 3 weeks there was already an improvement. Zayli is full of hair again!!! ? Zayli was also very anxious. It is also much better! I would recommend Regal to any one!! Really a great product, I am so thankful.

~ Amanda de Wit


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