15 October 2018 | Skin Care

Prince Albert

~ Lynn da Silva

Prince Albert was adopted from Matlosana Animal Shelter on the 5th July 2018. He is a 2-year-old, spritely young dog, who unfortunately never had a family of his own – apart from the staff at the shelter. Growing up in a small shelter meant that he did not have access to grass, only the concrete of his kennel.

When Albert arrived, we were told that he had been in an altercation with another dog; hence, the marks on his face. Albert’s face and body were covered in patches that had no fur and some had the presence of scabs. We were a bit concerned about his skin health when there was no evidence of it healing.
My youngest daughter, Erin, heard about Regal Pet Health products after seeing an advertisement on Instagram. Upon her accessing the Regal Pet Health SA page and seeing all the posts regarding allergies and how they can be cured, she forwarded me the product description. I purchased the Regal Skin Care Remedy (beef) and the Regal Skin Healing Spray on 28th August 2018. I started using the Remedy immediately and in two weeks noticed that his fur had regrown over the spots on his face. Albert’s face was now fully healed and the fur on the sides of his body started to regrow as well. We were amazed to see that there were no scabs at all!
Apart from our little prince regaining his ‘regal’ look, he was a much happier pup. He no longer scratched, and his skin discomfort has ceased to exist.
I contacted Regal to inform them on the excellence of their products, and to express my gratitude. Our Prince Albert now has all the neighbourhood dogs bowing at his paws!


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