07 July 2019 | Everyday Vitality


We adopted Cleo or rather “Cleopatra” as she was named by her previous owners from an Animal Shelter in Gordon’s Bay last year November 2018. We fell in love with her the moment we laid eyes on her. She had been surrendered to the shelter by her previous owners who no longer wanted a pup. She was also pregnant and had her pups aborted.

When we arrived at the shelter, we were informed that she had been there for months and struggled to find a family who would adapt her. I remember thinking it was strange because she was so beautiful. It was decided then and there; she was going home with us.

10 days later we noticed Cleo was very lethargic, she wasn’t eating, she hardly drank water and started vomiting. In a panic we rushed her to our Vet where she was diagnosed with Biliary, a serious tick- borne disease that she contracted from a kennel tick bite whilst at the shelter. We were told she might not make it as she was very anemic.

I cried and prayed then and there for her to please, please make it though. 

Cleo was only 19 months old at that stage, and even though she had only been with us for 10 days she’s crept deep into our hearts and we loved her, she was family and she was supposed to have many years of happiness ahead of her, so losing her was unfathomable. Cleo received excellent treatment and we were instructed to take her home as there was nothing more they could do to treat her at that stage.

So, home we went. I was instructed to ensure she eats before we could administer her daily Antibiotics and to make sure she stayed hydrated I began hand feeding her small amounts of boiled chicken and vegetables and I immediately gave her Regal Pet Health Everyday Vitality Liquid for Adult dogs twice a day in a syringe that I squirted in her mouth.

Cleo showed remarkable improvement within a couple of days and I strongly believed Regal played an integral part in her quick recovery. 8 Months later and she still takes her Vitality Remedy daily along with a well-balanced healthy diet. She is such a joy and light in our lives.

Regal Pet Health products and remedies are always on hand in our home. I recommend it to everyone who has fur-kids. Cleo gets bathed with Regal skin healing shampoo; she loves Regal Skin Care Remedy on her food and the results are evident. Her skin is super healthy her coat, glossy and soft. Thank You Regal for formulating such excellent products for our Fur-babies.

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