23 January 2017 | Cat Tonic


Felix’s story

~ Tania Hoffman

I was so thrilled to call you as I was really amazed how fast the product worked.

I am a great pet lover and, like most people, we cannot afford the astronomical prices that the vets charge nowadays so we would opt to try the natural route first and then if that does not do the trick, take our pets to the vet. I can tell you, this was my first experience with Regal products and it certainly won’t be my last as I am keeping Felix on this product now for maintenance of a healthy immune system.


My success story is a follows:

I first heard about Regal products when my sister sent me an email advising me of your website and I went on there to see what is available and was truly amazed at the wide variety of products.

I have a few pets, but my cat, Felix, has a special place in my heart as the ‘old girl’ is now 16 years of age and has been with me since a tiny kitten.

On Monday evening when I arrived home from work I noticed that Felix was sneezing. On Tuesday, after work, I went to the local pet shop and they only had stock of the Regal products for dogs so I went to my local Clicks store. I immediately saw Regal Cat Health Tonic on the shelf in the pet section and decided to try it and see what happens before taking her to the vet.

Tuesday late afternoon I gave her the first dosage in her chunks with gravy and then later that night, she was hungry so I gave her another dose in a small amount of food. Wednesday morning I was really stunned and ‘over the moon’. She was not sneezing at all and was meowing at me asking for food. I could not believe that the product had already started working and, what’s more, the directions are so easy to follow. I gave her another dose with her morning food and again that evening and she is definitely on the road to recovery – thanks to Regal Cat Health Tonic. This is truly an amazing product and I would highly recommend it to all cat lovers as it is a fantastic product to keep in the cupboard as it not only helps for colds but also for the cat’s immune system which is very important and, in my case, imperative due to Felix’s age.

A huge thank you to Regal, from the bottom of my heart, from Felix and myself for taking the time to do the research and produce natural products of such a high calibre. Your product definitely cured Felix and saved me a huge vet bill and maybe even a sad outcome. I am one of your biggest fans and will definitely be using your products. I have already recommended this product to colleagues and friends who have already gone to Clicks to get the product and are currently using it on their cats with flu symptoms.

It is good to find a company that invests time and money in natural products for our ‘four-legged’ friends that we love so much. Regal you are my HERO.

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