07 August 2018 | Joint Health


by Nici Reed

Juno is my 12 ½ year old Golden Retriever. She has a full life doing all sorts of fun things. She became a show champion before the age of two. Juno’s ultimate favourite activity is Field Training and working to the gun. She has now retired from this. Field trailing is extremely physical for the dogs as they traverse all sorts of terrain including dams and rivers. In 2012 Juno was Best Cape Dog at Cape Field Trial Club’s annual trial. She also won her Maiden Stake that weekend.
Juno has also been a Therapy dog since the age of 2. We originally joined Paw Pals and then later switched over to Pets as Therapy. Juno has also been doing the PAT READ (Reading Education Assistant Dog) program.
A little more than two years ago, I started noticing that Juno is not managing so well on her back legs anymore and put her onto Regal Pet Health Joint Health Remedy. We also gave it to our old German Shepherd, Cassey, who has since passed away. The Remedy helps tremendously and Juno is able to jump back onto her favourite chair and the couch.
I was then given some of Regal’s brand new product, Joint Health Spray, and sprayed it onto Juno’s hips and lower spine (directly onto the skin). Juno loves this as she gets quite a massage with it. I have to really work it in through her thick coat. This spray really helps and I can see the difference in her ease of movement, especially on these cold winter days.
Both my dog and I love the new Joint Health Spray. I can see how much better her movement is , which makes me very happy!

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