Toby’s Story

Toby's Success Story

By Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre


I just quickly want to give you an update on some of the products that we have used on our latest dogs and all I can say is “wow!”. I have attached some pictures for you to see!

Toby came in with a severe skin condition. Once again various products were used but with no satisfactory results. We started using the Regal products and the difference we saw was amazing.

We used the following on Toby:

Regal Skin Care Remedy

Another product that really works well is the Regal Joint Health Remedy. We rescued Boerboel puppies. They were malnourished and due to this their legs soon started with rickets. We started providing the puppies with Regal Joint Health along with some Calsup powder. All these puppies were rehomed and show no signs of rickets anymore!


Products that we always use at the shelter that really work:

Regal Skin Care – All dogs with a skin problem

Regal Joint Health – All dogs with any joint problems

Regal Stress & Anxiety – All new dogs that are scared or aggressive (this works wonderfully!)

Regal Skin Care Remedy