07 August 2019 | Allergy Relief


Tyke and Tallulah have had an incredible journey. My dad, John Clifford Ogle, bought Tyke in December 2012, he was only 7 weeks old. We had only had him a few days and he suddenly became very ill. H e had contracted the parvo virus. He was treated at the Krugersdorp Animal Hospital. There were about 5 other dogs which also had parvo; however, Tyke was the only one who made it. He finally came home on 26 December.

Tallulah arrived 6 months later, such a little cutie, only 6 weeks old.

In December 2014, my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and informed he only had 6 months left to live. We had to sell our family home and my dad’s biggest worry was his dogs well-being.
I took Tyke and Tallulah to live with me, because they are my family and my dad’s babies. It is now 2019 and they are still living with me, in a beautiful home in Roodepoort.
In July 2018 my husband, Craig Larkins, and I noticed that Tyke was constantly belly crawling on the grass and scratching his tummy. When we saw his tummy, it was red and inflamed. We tried every cream we could find and tried to put oils in his food to try help his skin. Nothing worked. It then got a bit better and then it flared up again in January 2019. Craig found Regal Skin Care Remedy and we tried it. Tyke immediately showed signs of improvement. His tummy was not as itchy as it had been in the past. I then found Regal Allergy Relief Remedy and Allergy Relief Wipes. We have been using these products and his skin problems have been a thing of the past. His coat is looking so shiny and healthy, he does not scratch any more, and his skin is soft and radiant.

Tallulah does not suffer with allergies; however, we still give her Regal Skin Care Remedy to ensure her skin is well looked after too.
Our fur babies are happy and healthy and we certainly recommend Regal Pet Health to pet owners.

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