Sylvester – The Regal Office kitty


The Regal team seems to have found itself a little friend around the office. This black and white beauty has found a few human moms and dads at the office and comes to check in every morning for a cuddle & something to eat and drink. And, we’re not complaining because we love our fur babies!

Just when we thought we were comfortable, we noticed that little Sylvester had a developed a bump or sore on his paw that seemed to come from a fight from another cat, perhaps. So all his office moms and dads decided to have it checked out at the vet.

Nadja took him to the vet and came back to the office in tears. Sylvester was being tested for a few things including feline aids and if the tests was positive, he may have needed to be put down.

Naturally, we were all very worried and anxious waiting for the test results.

Luckily, the vet had good news for us and little Sylvester had a clean bill of health!

And, to add even more cheer to this story, Sylvester got a forever home from one of his office moms, Renee.

We’d love to say thank you to wonderful staff at Steenberg Veterinary Clinic for their support and the discount we received! And in particular, thank you to Dr Achim Steinhagen who treated Sylvester on the day and took such good care of him.

Find them at Steenberg Village Shopping Centre, Steenberg Road, Tokai. They’re open on Saturday’s, too. Give them a call at 021 701 0557.

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