The benefits of herbs


Herbs have a long documented history for promoting not only the health of humans but of four-legged friends as well. Did you know that in the wild, animals instinctively seek out healing herbs when they feel under the weather? Our domesticated pets carry the same instincts in the way they eat grass. Some studies suggest they do this when they feel unwell, to aid their digestive system or to fulfill a nutritional deficiency. Now your pets don’t need to rely on instincts alone. We have ensured that you have access to high quality herbal remedies from a well-trusted brand with products containing ingredients well known for their medicinal properties.


Using Regal as the trusted brand for your pet’s health means you benefit from:

  • Giving your pet a better quality of life
  • Time savings
  • Money savings
  • Herbal formulas that are gentle on the body
  • Herbs well-documented for their therapeutic effect
  • Competitive prices
  • Learning how to better understand the needs of your pet
  • Being able to make more informed decisions about your pet’s health

Why herbs?

1: Herbs can play a large role in addressing deficiencies or adding nutritional and healing support where needed (although a balanced diet will always remain key for your pet’s well-being).

2: Many herbs possess healing qualities, and have been used for medicinal purposes to treat a broad variety of ailments (by both humans and the animal kingdom) for centuries.

3: Herbs can act as food, vitamin, and medicine – a three-in-one tonic of nourishment, nutrients, and healing.

4: One of the many benefits of herb is to boost the immune system. A strong immune system is the best defence against illness and harmful bacteria, and will promote healing.

5: Many herbs comprise carbohydrates, fats, and protein, as well as vitamins and minerals.

6: Herbs play a key role in the absorption of vital nutrients, as well as the removal of toxins.

7: Unlike traditional pharmaceutical drugs which are created to treat a particular symptom, herbs support and enhance the body’s natural functions, without interference or destruction.

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